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    Set Analysis Question

      Hi All,


      I have a chart to calculate Average Preview Time ( MTD) with following expression:

      =Sum({<PreviewedFirst={1},CallCentre-={'UNKNOWN'}, Month=, Quarter=, Week=, Day, DateNum={">=$(=Num(MonthStart(Max(DateNum))))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"},DayType={'Working Day'}>}PreviewTime)/sum(timespent). Now when there is no Month(April) selected I get :

      Month not selected.PNG

      But when I select Month (April) then I get this chart and of which is the correct one

      Month selected.PNG

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          kushal chawda

          may be like


          =Sum({<PreviewedFirst={1},CallCentre-={'UNKNOWN'}, Month=, Quarter=, Week=, Day, DateNum={">=$(=Num(MonthStart(Max({<Month=, Quarter=, Week=, Day, DateNum=>}DateNum))))<=$(=Max({<Month=, Quarter=, Week=, Day, DateNum=>}DateNum))"},DayType={'Working Day'}>}PreviewTime)/sum(timespent)