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    Set Analysis Values Change in Straight Table

    Dave Melillo

      I have been developing two models of attribution. One where a person is directly connected to $ and another where the person is connected to $ through an intermediary account.


      The issue I am having is that the calculation at the account level is not working as expected in a straight table. When there are no selections it is inaccurate ... when I select only one value, it is accurate. I tried to provide an example below as well as the calculations and data models. I know this is a long shot, but I would appreciate any help.




      - dave


      No Selections






      Column1 - Camp.Campaign Name (Scooby)


      Column2 - NOT working as expected

      Sum({<[AcctOpps.Upsell ARR (converted)] = {">0"}>} If([AcctOpps.Close Date] > [Camp.Campaign Start Date],Aggr(Only([AcctOpps.Upsell ARR (converted)]),[AcctOpps.Opportunity ID])))


      Column3 - Working as expected

      sum({<[Opps.Upsell ARR (converted)] = {">0"}>} If([Opps.Close Date] > [Camp.Campaign Start Date], [Opps.Upsell ARR (converted)]))