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    User preferences > Mail

    Mindaugas Bacius



      I do not know how to follow up to the core reasons why sometimes the User setting > Mail fields becomes blank (except Port):



      When Mail settings disappears also disappears Recent opened files list:



      I am missing a lot of the parts of this issue. This all I have managed to link together.


      Have anybody faced the same problem? Any ideas would be much appreciated.


      Thank you!

        • Re: User preferences > Mail
          Rod Jager

          Hi Mindaugas,


          This information is held in settings.ini.  In QliKView 12, under Windows 10, this is stored in c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\qliktech\qlikview.


          I have seen similar issues with sites that have implemented roaming profiles across virtual desktops.  Normally this is a security issue with clients not being able to update certain folders in their profiles.  I did have a site once that had replication issues between the various RDP and AD servers that did something similar. 


          I don't believe this is actually an issue with QlikView but rather the environment it is running in.


          Hope this helps.