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    Qlik Sense Architecture - Shared Persistence

    Mihai Hutanu

      Hello all,


      I am quite new to Qlik Sense. I would like some advise regarding the way I should setup a Multi-Node environment.


      Here is what we have:


      • 4 VMs with Windows Server 2012. All VMs have 2 CPU cores, 2.2GHz
        • VM1 has 8 GB of RAM
        • VM 2, 3 & 4 have 16 GB of RAM


      I have installed Qlik Sense 3.2.2 Shared Persistence on the 4 machines as follows:


      • VM1 is the Central Node + Scheduler (reload)
      • VM2 is Proxy only
      • VM 3 & VM 4 are Engines + Scheduler (reload)
      • Entry point is VM2, which load balances on VM3 & VM4
      • The Scheduler service runs on VM1, VM3 & VM4


      We are expecting a couple of hundreds of users to access the application. Probably less.


      I would like to hear your opinion on the following:


      • The architecture overall (scheduler, proxy, etc)
      • Hardware
        • is 8 GB of memory too less for the Central Node? Especially that it's used as reload as well. Should I request an upgrade to 16 GB just like the other nodes?
        • is 2 CPU cores too less? How CPU intensive is Qlik Sense? Is it the same case for all 4 servers?


      Looking forward to reading your opinion!


      Kind regards,