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    Ignore and Hide a dimension in Chart expression

    Beibhinn Jameson

      Hi everybody,


      I have been trawling through so many threads and cannot find anything that will work for me, hoping someone will be able to help.


      I have a Combo Chart with 2 dimensions: Litigation_Date and Close_Date. In my expression I am calculating rates as a %. To give a bit of context the numerator will count the number of IDs with a Litigation_Date, and the denominator will count the number of IDs with a Close Date (per year, month etc.) The user will be able to filter by Litigation_Date and so this is the primary dimension in my chart. It is possible to have IDs with a  Litigation_Date, but no Close_Date, and vice versa.


      I have tried using the TOTAL function for the numerator and this appears to work, counting only IDs with a Litigation_Date:

      COUNT(TOTAL<Litigation_Date> DISTINCT ID)


      This does not work for the denominator though:

      COUNT(TOTAL <Close_Date> DISTINCT ID) --> this returns only IDs with a Close_Date  AND a Litigation_Date.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.