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    Unable to see any Sheets/Changes Lost

    venkat sai

      Hello all,

      I see strange behavior on QLIKSENSE 3.1.1 HUB.


      1) Sometimes when we open an existing app in the work stream the sheet overview and the load script are empty.

           In the QMC we can still see the sheet objects, so they are still there but we can’t see them.

      •       Sometimes When we duplicate the app we can again see the sheets and script.
      •       Sometimes When we duplicate also the app we cannot see the sheets and script.
      • No Sheets avaiable.png


      2) We made changes to one application last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

          But when i open application monday i able see only changes made on Friday and Sunday but not on saturday.


      What could be the reason?

      Do you have any idea why this is happening?