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    Qlikview GeoAnalytics Server Question

    Jennifer Gray

      We're new to the GeoAnalytics server, and while I've done the full install, and installed the extensions and connector for the desktop version, I keep running into a "Error connecting to server (404)" message whenever I try and add a map to my application.  I know this is because I don't have the right server path when I tried to install the connector.  This is because even though all of the documentation says to update the path to set it to the URL of the local server instead of the default server, no documentation actually tells me what this path is so I've tried different variations on https:localhost/ravegeo.server.com, https://localhost/ragegeo/server, https://[servername]/ravegeo....... and it's still not connecting.


      Does anyone actually have what that darn path is rather than just a reference to the "local server URL"?