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    what if analysis possible in Qlik

    naveen kumar

      Hello, i am working on Share Of Business simulation concept . so far i worked partially and i got a show stopper ,Untitled.png

      so for above material we got 3 different vendors and i am showing there share of business in  percentage wise .which are


      58.20 for 1st vendor

      36.95 for 2nd vendor

      4.85 for 3rd vendor

      100% total

      so my requirement is WHAT IF

      % Of that Vendor changes

      let say if i change 1st vendor from 58.20 to 50 %

                  and the       2nd vendor from   36.95  to    25%

      so third vendor should dynamically should get remaining percentage which is 25% because total has to be 100%


      then what will be the Net Qty

      expression :

      % of that vendor

      If(Count(TOTAL <[Material Description]> [Vendor Name])>1, Sum([Net Qty]) / Sum(TOTAL <[Material Description]> [Net Qty]))

      Is it possible to change % percentages of each vendor individually ,in the same chart  or do i need to take any different chart and input box to enter the values  and assign a variable to carry those entered values

      Is this requirement possible in QLIK. what processor do i need to follow please