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    Selection getting ignored

    Suman Dusa

      Hi Community,


      I have created a table with few dimensions and 3 measures in Qliksense. I have a field 'category' with different departmental codes and a transaction amount.

      My simple measures in a are

      1. Sum({<Category={'PMD'}>} transactionAmount)   -- Payment

      2. Sum({<Category={'PST'}>} transactionAmount)   -- SelfPay

      3. Sum({<Category={'AMD,AMC'}>} transactionAmount)  -- Recovery

      this table is behaving strange where it is working fine with qlikview app..

      As i have different dimensions(AcctNo, AcctType, ServiceDate e.t.c ) in this table, which shows a lowest granularity (at account number level) the table is showing all records with these amounts. Non zero Values are showing where ever applicable with above category codes. But when i take a filter listbox Category. And when i select other any code from Category field, the table is not showing the records associated with the selection instead it is showing all records. And Category list looking as (green) it get selected. Which means the selection is getting ignored on this table. When i select any particular  AcctNo after selecting any Category code, then the Category Code selection getting cleared. Strange behavior with qliksense.


      What i need is if i select PST as a Category, the table has to show all account level records belong to PST. So that only SelfPay will have non zero amounts and other measures will show zero..

      I have tried in different ways be putting $- current selection..


      Please help me out with right solution..