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    Macro report generator

    Mike Seisbye

      I have tried google ling for an answer, but haven't really struck gold.  But i'm confident it's possible.


      I have a tab with 10 chart.  these 10 chart i would like to send to my sales reps. but i only want to send them their numbers.  but I also want to send the email to the country sales manager.


      my thought on the easiest way to do this are to load an excel list, which then are loaded as a table. it will contain 4 informations. 



      Load *





      From mailinglist.xlsx



      Fieldtype would then contain the name of the field i would like to create a selection on.  And criteria would then be the actual selected value.   for example it could  say country in fieldtype. and DK in criteria.  so my active selection for that row  would be the loaded country from the sales load.  and it would select the value DK.


      so i could then create a macro which could then load through all the rows of the table something like( i'm not so good a qlikview macro's so this is just how my emagination thinks it should work. 



      For each row in Report


      Set selection $(fieldtype) = $(Criteria)


      aryExport(0,0) = "Monthly1"

      aryExport(0,1) = "Sales report per month"

      aryExport(0,2) = "A1"

      aryExport(0,3) = "data"



      Mail reciepient = $(email)


      next  row



      is this at all possible.?  if not to email. maybe it could save to a special network folder or simular?