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    Set analysis using date range?

    Jeroen Hofsteenge

      Hello everyone,


      I`m trying to get the following working in Sense.

      Summing up the range of values between to dates that are selected by the user.

      Now in QlikView this can be by using the variable input element (see example) for the dates and using set-analysis for the calculation.

      However, I`m struggling to make this work in Sense.


      In Sense (as an example) I made three tables. One with the dates and measurement values and two more tables with the start and end dates. I am then using two variables that are filled with the two different dates (start and end) to get the necesarry dates for the set-analysis. The variables I use to determine the dates are filled. However, when I use them in the set-analysis syntax Sense does not calculate the values.


      Set analysis calculation in both View and Sense:


      Sum({<DatumNumeriek = {'>=$(vStartDatum) <=$(=vEindDatum)'} >}Sales)


      I made two examples. One in QlikView where it is working as intended and one in Sense where it doesn`t work.

      What am I doing wrong? Any advise is welcome .


      Best Regards,