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    Multiple Time units on Dimension Axis

    Vaitheeswaran Rajaram

      Dear all,


      Is is possible to have a diagramm with multiple units of 'Time' as dimension?




      Say we have a database which has two fields 'Date' and 'Sale quantity'.


      I would like to have a diagramm, Bar Chart for example, with Time on the X-Axis. It should be grouped differently. Past years should be grouped as 'Year' and for the current year 'Date' should be grouped as 'Month' and for the current month, the dates should be grouped as 'Week' and for the current week, the individual days should be displayed.


      Please have a look at the attached screenshot (which i created in excel) for the visual understanding.


      Thanks a lot in advance.





        • Re: Multiple Time units on Dimension Axis
          Peter Rieper

          Think that you may work with synthetic dimensions, please check OL-Help for VALUELIST (or VALUELOOP). Likewise you may create an island-table with the dimensions required.

          In any case, you need to create for each dimension then a separate expression, referring then to the position of the Valuelist with a couple of IFs:

          IF(VALUELIST('A', 'B', 'C') = 'A', ......

          It is somewhat easier to have an island-table (you may add additional comments related to the dimension and convert to numeric values with DUAL), then expression may look like





          Though the question might be allowed, why to include several measurements into one chart and scale, but this might be decided by the dataowner.


          HTH Peter