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    The users cannot open Qlik Sense apps on IOS devices

    Ali Azizi

      Hi everyone


      The user tries to open the Qlik Sense Hub on an iOS device (iOS 8 and above) using the address https://servername/hub

      In QlikSense 3.2.1 the user is succesfully logged on to the the HUB, but when attempting to open an App they are presented with an endless loading screen.


      The proxy setting is correct (IP address of the Sense Server machine and the domain name are whitelisted...). According to the article 000005525 (https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CaseWizardKnowledgeArticle?id=ka5D00000004SE6IAM):


      "Apple requires an SSL cert from a trusted CA when accessing websites via HTTPS. You can either acquire a certificate from one of the vetted list of providers or the user(s) can access the Hub using HTTP."  


      My question is: how we can access the Hub using HTTP? What should I do to make it happens?


      Thank you all