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    Test Period Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Adding User

    Caio Engelhardt Caminoski

      Hi all,


      I am currently using my 14-days trial of the Qlik Sense Cloud Business. However when I made my order, I only selected 1 'seat'. I have been watching some videos of Michael Tarallomto (Qlik Sense Cloud - Upgrading to Qlik Sense Cloud Business - YouTube) and now I understood that I should had selected more accounts during the purchasing process.


      First Question - During the trial period is it possible to add more users ('seats') to my account without charges in my credit card? I mean, the first 14 free of charge days are for only one user? If not, can I change my order without incurring in charges in my credit card?


      Second Question - I want to share an application with another user that is also a subscriber of Sense Cloud Business, however we signed up for it independently, is there a way in which I can share an specific app with him?


      Thank you in advance,


      Caio Caminoski