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    How to multiply a specific value with each branch in hierarchy data?

    Mohan Kumar



      I am dealing with hierarchy data, where I wanted to sum all the referral turnover and also the turnover of my referral's referral. Data has different levels, for instance, if I select the person from level 1 then his/her turnover is added up by his referral who is in next level i.e level2 (turnover) * 0.5 and level 3 by 0.3 and rest of the level by 0.2.


      My actual data looks like,


      Hierarchy data after importing into Qlik,


      Here for example, If I select A HAREESH BASHA from Level2 then calculation should be like,

      A HAREESH BASHA (TurnOver) + A HAREESH BASHA referral(TurnOver) *0.5 +A HAREESH BASHA referral's referral(TurnOver)*0.3


      I have no idea how to achieve it. Please help. I have attached the QVF for your convenience