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    Concatenating Fields

    Mark Ritter

      Is there a preferred symbol to use to separate fields being concatenated?


      I have seen both the '-' and the '|' used.  Is this just a personal preference or are there any hidden advantages to one over the other?

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          omar bensalem

          I don't think there is a difference; we only do include one of those 2 to seperate 2 fields to have a distinct Field.


          For example:


          Field1,Field2,Field1&Field2, Field1&'-'Field2

          10      ,100   ,10100           , 10-100

          101    ,00     ,10100          , 101-00


          So when when using '-' or '|', It's just to make sure we have the right concatenation.

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              Bill Markham

              I prefer the pipe as in '|'.


              If you use the minus sign as in '-' then if you are not careful and you are separating numeric values then it may act as a numerical operator and subtract one number from the other leaving you just the resulting single number.