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    Using excel file dynamic can we achieve in qliksense

    vivek sm


      In qliksense they have given already developed dashboard , IT dashboard that deals with the Incident and sla details,so in additionally they wanted us to bring a filter Company B

      change needed is at the moment the app doesn’t make any difference between Company A and Company B and it’s considering everything in the same pot. What we need is to introduce a new layer to make this distinction.

      As of now there is no data in company But they have given some filter conditions


      SERVICE = 'Abc' or

      SERVICE = 'Abcd Portal' or

      SERVICE = 'sdfg' or

        SERVICE = 'Con' or


      SERVICE = 'lkj' or

      SERVICE = 'mnbvl' or

      SERVICE = 'qwer' or

        SERVICE = 'tyui' or

      Empnames of company B





      so this empnames should be in spread sheet and when new employee is added it should be able to add and if we reload we should able to see the details of the particular employee

      So can you kindly help me out