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    Aggr Max / Min Count

    Joey Lutes

      I am trying to show some trending for items using min and max counts and am seeing some strange results.


      Each day, I receive problem notifications of varying types.  These notifications also list affected services and occur in different locales. 


      What I'd like to show is, by type and locale an average of the affected services, mins and maxes (per day).  So, for example:


      Day1:  20

      Day2: 30

      Day3: 40


      Min = 20, Max = 40, Average = 30.


      Using a combo chart:

      • Dimension = Locale
      • Measures:
        • count(distinct service) / count (distinct date)  >> gives me the average number of daily occurrences - line
        • max(aggr(count(distinct service), date))  >> meant to show max value for any date in the available daterange - marker
        • min(aggr(count(distinct service), date))  >> meant to show min value for any date in the available daterange - marker


      The average seems to work, however, the max and min values are not showing up correctly in the chart.  Strangely, if I select a specific locale, the numbers are correct (when it's alone in the chart).  when all locales are shown, the numbers are not accurate for min and max