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    New rules - what is the difference?

    Erik Gustafsson



      I followed the guide at iPortal/gss_setup_guide.md at master · eapowertools/iPortal · GitHub for an earlier version. Now some of them have changed. Perhaps you guys can enlighten what has changed.. ?


      What is the difference between the rules "_gss e1" and "_gss e2"?

      _gss c– Group Access Rule includes an underscore, "_" for Stream. Why was this required?



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          Jeffrey Goldberg

          e1 prevents a consumer from creating any app objects.  e2 enables them to create bookmarks.  I will put into the documentation that it's either/or for this rule.  I have  both listed because it will make the workshop we are doing at Qonnections easier for enable/disable than copy/paste.

          As for stream* vs. stream_* there is likely no difference processing wise, but the system generates stream_* by default.


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