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    NP 17- Error in the cache status

    Amichai Marbel


      I have upgraded my NP to  17.3.1 ,I'm working with QS and QV.

      my problem started when I tried to creat connection between NP and QV.

      I defined the connection;

      server (not local)

      qvp  - that I  have copied from the QV model and insert the identity. (which im not sure i need to do it)

      Additionally i  have installed QV desktop 12.1 SR4  on the NP server

      i got this error in the cache status:

      "Error Request has been purged due to connection errors"

      I found some discussions here that solved this problem, but it didn't work for me.

      Does anyone have a solution?


      in my server i'v installed the designer,engine & server

      Thanks in advance


        • Re: NP 17- Error in the cache status
          Lech Miszkiewicz


          • Login/RDP to NPrinting server as NPrinting account user
            • Open a QlikView desktop--> File->Open in Server->Open a document you want to create connection to in NPrinting.  Are you able to open it)?
              • Yes - If yes than look at the QlikView Desktop headline (where you will have full path you need to put in your server (qvp) connection in NPrinting. Note that it has to be full path with folders and subfolders if required.



              • No
                • What is a cause of it?
                  • Section access? - add NPrinting account to section access structure
                  • Lack of UserCal License? - assign User Cal license for NPrinting account in QMC
                  • Lack of privileges to read from folder (windows security) - manage this through Windows security


          Please do following - and let me know how it goes (maybe take some screenshots - will help to investigate further)