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    Reflect variable changes on multiple sheets in Qlik Sense

    Michael Ogbuachi

      Hi everyone!

      I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if  the terms I use are not all that correct...

      I'm encountering some problems using the famous Calendar extension found on this site GitHub - EliasW/Calendar_DatePicker.

      After setting it into two different sheets it seems impossible to have it modifying the same "From" and "To" variables, in order to have the changes made on the extesion in on sheet reflected on the second sheet. Instead it seems like all the changes I make are going into "different spaces" and I'm getting different sorts of error in the DevTools console, some of which refer to require.js (from which I should just stay far).

      I've tried a lot of different approaches, but nothing seems to work. Should I attach the .js file? It has become quite messy...

      Thanks in advance!