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    info bubble options

    Rajan Kumar

      Hi all,

      in geo analytics desktop for QV, when I try to show a number field in an info bubble, it automatically divides the number by 1000.

      Lets say if my ID field has a value 2341, the info bubble automatically shows me 2.3K. How can I avoid that. 

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          Patric Nordström

          Hi Rajan,

          In the info bubble properties, uncheck "Format numbers".



          Patric Nordström


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              Sarb Nyota

              Hi Patric,



              I have Qlik Sense Geo Analytics map where I want to show sales of an area depending on zoom level. i.e if your map is zoom out to show UK and Europe, then when zoom in, it starts breaking down in regions, counties etc.  Certain possible by creating different box area sizes in script but you have to click on it to drill down. In this case I as looking to use the zoom in from the mouse and hoping I could continue to drill down.

              In my case what I wanted to do was create a Qlik Sense Geo Map, where when you look at UK & Europe, you know which country has the lowest sales, then we start zooming in on UK, then it would break down into areas which show the colour grid, then you zoom further by county and so on. The user does not click but only zooms in.


              How can I do that?