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    Qlik Sense - Server - Simple Application - Missing Sheet Icon in Story

    Jeremey Wise

      New to Qlik Sense.  Learning UI and doing all the various CBTs.   Starting with "Creating Basic App".  Per recommendations I installed Qlik Server vs Qlik Desktop so I could built out towards my goal of doing SIB demos and us customer data as needed.  Ran into a step that seems rather important to complete the demos.  All CBTs have gone along without a hitch (some minor version UI differences but nothing that was not easily translated).  Until this step to add an Embedded sheet to a story.  The Icon is missing:


      4:08 into CBT 

      Creating Story: Embed Sheet  -> Icon / Option missing


      CBT Embedding StepMy Qlik Sense UI


      I did create the sheets and they match the CBT.



      Most likely 'user error'  but may as well ask.


      Thanks in advance.