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    Format Combochart Y-Axis title and Values

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I have combo chart where I don't know how to format the Y-Axis When I go to ComboChart > Appearance > Y-axis, I don't see a place where I can put the title of the Y-Axis.  I see where I can select the Labels Only or Title, but thats it.  The side effect is that the Y-Axis title is nonsensical since it's concatenating everything (see image for what I mean).


      Also, can I have conditional formatting?  The Y-Axis values reach into the 10s of millions.  So Qlik Sense decides to show each and every last 0.  What I would like is that when the value is 1 million or greater, it shows '1MM' instead.




      Any help is greatly appreciated.