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    Consistent colors across charts

    Brian MacDonald

      This seems like a simple problem but I am having trouble with it.  I want similar measures to have similar colors across two charts in my application.




      I have tried changing the order of the series in the bar chart. I have "persistent colors" checked in the pie chart.  Nothing seems to work.

      To make matters even more confounding I did some sample data for the last 4 months to post here and that dataset seemed to work the way it should.

      Hoping someone can shed some light here.



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          Ashwin Lakshmanan

          Hi Brian,


          You can force Qlik to assign specific colors by choosing Appearance --> Colors and Legend --> By Expression and then entering a formula in the "Expression" bar. The formula can be something like this:


          if(measure='<2', 'blue',

            if(measure='2-12', 'red',

              if(measure='12-24', 'green',

                 if(measure='>24', 'yellow'))))


          You can also use hexadecimal colors. For example, in the code above - you can replace 'yellow' with '#daa520'.


          If you follow the same procedure in all the charts you want to be consistent with each other, your issue should be solved! Hope this helps!



          Happy Qlik-ing!

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            Brian MacDonald

            Here's the *.qvf with the full data set.  Thanks for your help.

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                Ashwin Lakshmanan

                You will have to create a new variable in the Data Load Editor for the different categories. Let us say you create a new variable as follows:


                if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report <=2, '<=2'

                , if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report >2 AND hours_eeg_upload_to_report <=12, '2-12'

                , if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report >12 AND hours_eeg_upload_to_report <=24, '12-24'

                , '24+'))) as hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories




                -Now in the Front End, you can call 'hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories' as your dimension.

                -Your measure remains the same.

                -In the Colors and Legend --> By Expression, use this following formula:


                if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '<=2', 'blue',

                     if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '2-12', 'red',

                          if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '12-24', 'yellow', 'green')))

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                    Brian MacDonald

                    Sweet, That worked! 

                    The final expression turned out to be:

                    if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '<=2', '#4476A9'

                    , if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '2-12', '#117833'

                    , if(hours_eeg_upload_to_report_categories = '12-24', '#DDCB75'

                    , '#CB6676')))


                    This site was helpful in getting the color codes

                    Get Colors from Image


                    I tried the same expression in the stacked bar chart but it did not work.  I was forced to match the colors in the bar chart.