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    edit string value with subfield

    Giacinto Abbruzzese

      Hello dear community,


      i'd like to cut the middle part of values from a string that comes from a sharepoint-site.


      This is how a sample row looks like in SharePoint:

      and this is the exact same sample row in qlik after connecting all the list data via REST-Connector:


      I want to extract only the part of the string, that is in the red rectangle.


      So far i've tried to work with the subfield command, e.g.:

      subfield([ows_K_x00fc_ndigungsgrund], '>', 3) as Kündigungsgrund


      This results in:

      I have trouble to cut also the part of the string: </p


      Any suggestions on how i can get rid of the parts of the string before and after the real value, so that only the value is left over?