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    Sum only a certain category of a column

    Andreas Richter

      Hey everbody,


      I'm totaly new to Qlik Sense and after I did the tutorials provided on the qlik sense website I'm trying to produce my first app.


      I have an excel file which contains all the information I need.

      But now I'm facing my first prob.


      The excel file contains data like "category", "€", "project", "year" and "montht".

      Now I want to sum up only a certain category


      For example like this:


      100105.000 €Turnover
      100103.000 €Material cost
      9999910.000 €Turnover
      999998.0000 €Material cost
      100101.000 €HR cost
      99999500 €HR cost


      Now I want to sum up all values of "€" of the category "Turnover". So the result would be 15.000 €

      In excel I would do it like =sumif(A2:C7;"Turnover"B2:B7") but how does this work for qlik sense?


      Thanks in advance!