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    create multiple rows in data load

    John Repucci

      I have a data set that looks like similar to this

      Request     Response

      CR-1     F1,F2,F3,F4

      CR-2     F5

      CR-3     F6, F7

      CR-4     F8 F9

      CR-5     F10/F11

      I want it to look like a row for each response

      Request     Response

      CR-1     F1

      CR-1     F2

      CR-1     F3

      CR-1     F4

      CR-2     F5

      etc ...

      I can handle the various delimiters and cases where the response data is not of the correct format (I hate free form entry fields!!), but I'm not sure how to expand single rows into multiple rows in the load statement.