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    Qlik Sense Simulation

    Dominique Sitter

      Hi guys,

      I am a new user of Qlik Sense and I begin to understand how it works.

      I would like to know if it is possible to make simulations with Qlik Sense. For example, it is possible to change datas like stock directly of Qlik Sense in order to see the consequence of other data ?

      Thanks !



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          Mark Ritter

          I think that I understand your question.


          You can use variables to do this.  You would need to install an extension most likely that would allow you to put a box on your sheet where you can change the value.  Then all of your charts that use that variable would adjust accordingly.


          Is that what you were asking?

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            omar bensalem

            No. Not yet, not as an integrated feature .

            Such a possibility was kind of supported in QlikView with the InputField option but to do simulations, forecasting and so on; It would be much Better and MORE efficient to do it with R for example.

            And as I know, R will be integrated with Qlik Sense 4.0 version ( is it so mto ? )