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    Data model - avoiding loop?

    Twan Peters

      I can use some help with my data model


      I have 2 dimensions in my data model that are using the same field:


      1. Dim_SourceSystem
      2. Dim_BMC


      The field that in both dimensions is used is: Business_Code


      Renaming one of the fields is no option because:

      - On the front-end the user should be able to filter on a business_code that will filter in both the dimensions.


      How my calculation should work:


      1. User selects one or more business codes
      2. Qlikview calculates the count on [Distinct CONSUMER_ID] in the FACT_Consumer_Sell_Out table.


      Linking the 2 Business_Code fields results in a loop. I currently have no idea how to fix this. Help





      a) product registrations are linked to a business code

      b) the used source code is sometimes also linked to a business code



      A consumer can have a product registration, the product registration is linked to a Business_Code


      A consumer registration has always a source code, and a Business_Code is sometimes linked to a source code.


      The user wants to know how many consumers belong to his Business Code, that are consumers with and without a product registration.