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    use count set analysis to determine values on one getfieldselection not in value from another getfieldselections

    Shawn Nguyen

      HELP!!! I have two separate date selection boxes ( PURCHASE_DATE1 and  PURCHASE_DATE2).

      Given the Purchase Date selection below


      PURCHASE_DATE1 Jan-16
      PURCHASE_DATE2 Feb-16


      I need to use set analysis expression to identify the count of customers from PURCHASE_DATE2 NOT on PURCHASE_DATE1.

      In this case the result is 2 (customer DD and EE).


      customer1PURCHASE_DATE1 customer2PURCHASE_DATE2
      AAJan-16 AAFeb-16
      BBJan-16 BBFeb-16
      CCJan-16 CCFeb-16
      AAMar-16 DDFeb-16
      BBMar-16 EEFeb-16
      CCMar-16 FFMar-16