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    User Bookmarks Get Wiped Out

    Steve Rosebrook

      We just started using Qlik Sense less than a year ago, and have noticed what appears to be an issue with user-created bookmarks: anytime we re-publish an app (to introduce changes, new content, etc.), user-created bookmarks are wiped out.  This is obviously very problematic - especially since bookmarks are such a useful feature.  We have a number of users who would like to create their own bookmarks, but knowing that they're only temporary has caused most users to abandon them. 


      It terms of our security rules, we currently do not have it set up to allow users to see other users' bookmarks - only their own.  (We basically just have Consumers, not Contributors.)


      I wasn't sure if there was something in the way we're publishing changes to apps that's causing this, or if it's a security rule/setting, or if this is just an issue or bug with Qlik.  Any insight would be appreciated.