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    Embed qlick sense object in web/mobile

    Ahamedpeer B

      Hi, I'm trying to embed qlick sense object in hybrid app using below code.


      var config = {   

            host: window.url,   

           isSecure: true



      require(["js/qlik"], function(qlik) {   

           // open the app   

      var app = qlik.openApp("61af269d-5b22-4d8c-afa5-8dda1624c577", config);   

           // insert Qlik objects into the page.   

           app.getObject(document.getElementById("qlikContent"), "objectID");



      But I'm getting "Cannot read property 'openApp' of undefined" error:


      VM1637 qlikReport.js:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'openApp' of undefined at VM1637 qlikReport.js:22


      Can anyone please let me know what i'm missing here.