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    Any way to use a verified certificate for API access

    Thomas Pike

      Hi guys, I have a Microsoft Azure "Logic App" that checks/update a couple of online data sources for me. I'd love that logic app to be able to trigger a reload in Qlik if it has updated something. Logic apps support a few authentication mechanisms (Communicate with any endpoint over HTTP - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs.) I'd figured that I'd try using certificates so I opened a pinhole for port 4242 to allow [only] Azure's logic apps access to Qlik's API. I set up the HTTP connection but it fails. Doing the same from Postman works fine but from Azure I cannot allow unverified certificates (unless I purchase an "integration account" with Azure which isn't worth it for this task.) We have a wildcard cert for the domain that Qlik is accessed over so I'm wondering if there is any way I can use that to access the Qlik API?