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    Cannot Open file when tying to Store to a QVD

    Todd Prete



      I have an existing qlik sense app that runs once a month, that sometimes fails when trying to store the data to the QVD.   Now the QVD is locked.   The process is trying to store @ 11 million records.   I have many other scripts that run successful but are much smaller in size.  I've pasted part of the log below. 


      2017-05-01 09:33:10 0182 STORE MAC_TABLE INTO  S:\Data Files\QVDFiles\RACE\GDW\MONTHLY_ACTIVE_CONTRACT_QVD.QVD

      2017-05-01 09:33:20      Error: Cannot open file: 'S:\Data Files\QVDFiles\RACE\GDW\MONTHLY_ACTIVE_CONTRACT_QVD.QVD'

      2017-05-01 09:33:20      Execution Failed

      2017-05-01 09:33:20      Execution finished.