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    Accessing Web-Resource fails in Qlikview

    Fabian Otte

      Hello everybody,

      I'm having some trouble with loading an xml file from a web-URL into Qlikview and hope someone can point me in the right direction to solve this mess.


      Here's the code-snippet from my script:

      FROM [https://api.sistrix.com/domain.sichtbarkeitsindex?api_key=XXX&domain=YYY]
      (XmlSimple, Table is [response/answer/sichtbarkeitsindex]);


      When executing the Script the following error-message appears:


      To make sure that I did not have a general firewall issue or typos in my link, I threw the link into a bunch of browsers. There everything worked exactly as expected:



      Further information:

      • The machine where the code is executed is my publishing server. This machine does run solely the publishing service
      • The only server roles the publishing server has are "File and Storage Services"
      • On our DEV-machine, running with microsoft IIS and all qlikview services, the script can be executed without errors


      To help me fix my problem I need to know how Qlikview accesses Web Resources so I can follow this route and hopefully find the spot where the tool gets stuck.

      If anyone has already experienced similar issues an can point me to possible causes, that would be a great help.


      Thanks in advance for your help,