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    NPrinting Page error

    André Costa

      Hello, I'm using NPrinting 17.3 connecting to a Qlikview document.


      I'm able to create "simple" reports in excel.

      When I add a page to my report the following error appears and I'm not able to create it. The error occurs both in the preview area of NPrinting Designer aswell as if I run the report (email distribution).






      Thanks in advance,

      Andre Costa

        • Re: NPrinting Page error
          Lech Miszkiewicz



          It look like you are trying to put <PAGE> entity in your excel spreadsheet which obviously has to have unique values. Do you have one Sheet in your Workbook or multiple. If multiple - then maybe one of existing sheets has the same name as the value under the field you are using for <Page> entity?


          putting bigger snapshot would be more helpful with:

          • sheet names visible
          • entities visible
          • field values from field used in PAGE entity (if you are using it)


          we will then take it from there.