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    Aggregating Purchases by Hour and Day

    Dan Hunnewell

      Hello --


      I am working through a problem and having some difficulty getting the result I am looking for.


      Below is a simple table of what I am trying to achieve.


      Merchandise DivisionHourDayHour (All)Day (All)


      What I am looking for here is the top number of sales by hour and day per listed merchandise division. The goal would be to sum the orders by hour and day and output the hour and day which had the highest number of sales per division. I would also like to list the top hour across all division and days within the table as well.


      I've tried a few set analyses but I think what I am trying to achieve is a bit more robust then I can handle.


      Any thoughts on how one might achieve this?


      I've attached a small data set which can better explain the inputs I am working with.