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    Section Access for only one tab

    Anitha Mohanraj


      I have a document with 3 tabs, in which one of the tab needs to be restricted and should be available only for a set of users, available in an excel sheet. Additionally, only one group of the users that is available in the excel should get the access (this excel has other purposes for other dashboards).The other 2 tabs should be available to ALL users.

      The Excel looks like:




      So, here is what i did after loading the excel:


      LOAD * INLINE [


      YES, 1

      NO, 0



      Also, on the restricted tab, i have enabled conditional show with "= sum(SH07)>=1".

      I have checked the appropriate checkbox in the Settings/opening.


      Section access.GIF

      I have ensured in QMC, the task associated has the section access check box enabled.


      With all this, the restriction is not working. Also, for the people who are not in the excel are not able to see the entire dashboard. Ideally, they should be able to see the other 2 tabs.


      What am i doing wrong?!




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          Krishnapriya Arumugam

          Section Application and Section Access script should have below details


          1. NTNAME/USERID

          2. ACCESS

          3. Reduction Fields


          in Your Example the table should look like



          LOAD * INLINE [






          Use this Budget Access field to Show/Hide the Sheet.

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            Peter Cammaert

            Section Access restricts access to your document to those users that are explicitly listed in your Section Access table. No one else will get in, UNLESS you add a line with a * in the NTNAME field and a NO in the BUDGETACCESS field.

            Note that if you are not using Data reduction, but only data selection in the settings on the Document Properties->Opening tab, you will not protect your document in any way. Anyone who can add a listbox with the BUDGETACCESS field can select the YES value because it will still be available.

            The difficulty with Section Access explanations is that they never describe configuration and operation in its entirety. It's way simpler for you to post an example document, and for us to show what we mean.

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              pinky P

              Hi Peter,


              I am having similar issue.I have two sheets which is Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet2 should have access only few people(Not sure how many) but the sheet1 should see everyone.Can you please help me the Sample qvw or detailed script that i can use?.


              Thanks in advance!