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    Exclude selection when specifically included in set analysis

    Mike Hildner

      I'm experiencing some behavior I don't quite understand, and hoping someone could offer an explanation / solution.


      Let's say I have this table:



      Load * Inline [

        Group, Area, Quantity

          G1, A1, 3

          G1, A2, 5

          G2, A3, 8

          G2, A4, 13



      I'm showing some numbers based on the group "G1" (8 in the below picture)



      When I select Group "G2" I would expect that my expression would only include selected values, but instead it shows the quantity for "G1"



      If I select just the Areas for G2, I get what I would expect to get when just G2 is selected



      I'm guessing that since my expression is explicitly specifying a Group, it's ignoring the "G2" selection in the second screenshot. Is that correct? Can anyone assist in getting the numbers I'm hoping to get?


      Thank you,