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    Issue with dynamic variable name on Nprinting

    Sitrakiniaina JAUNET

      Hi community,


      I have an issue on NPrinting and I'm not able to find where is my problem. I explain:

      I have a Nprinting report which generate an excel an a pdf that i send to my users by email.

      I have a daily schedule and in my email subject  i have the name of the Job_%%variable_vLastYearWeek%%

      Also my report's name are based on this variable.


      I don't know why but since yesterday, i can't have a good email subject ans good report's name. I have this : ReportName1_.xls and ReportName2_.pdf instead of ReportName1_201705 and ReportName2_201705.pdf

      I have tested the connection, everything is good ..I can select the variable in Nprinting ...

      Thanks in advance for your answers.