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    Where to go to learn how to make extensions that work with the data?

    Rebekah Beets

      Hey i have scoured youtube with sentences like 'how to create an extension qlik sense' and all i really get is how to make the 'Hello World' extension.


      Nothing I have found tells me how to make objects that interact with the hypercube or any explanations of commands used in the javascript or a list of commands used with the hypercube. I'm pretty lost on trying to make an extension that does basic stuff like create objects to hold/interact with data.


      also, what does it mean when you go to dev hub and load an extension you installed, but there is no data in the files? The extension works, but there is no code?


      ps. i already know about qlik branch and installing them. i need to edit ones i get from qlik branch and create new ones.