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    How to develop a Qlikview app?

    Praveen T

      I am trying to develop a app for resume search in Qlikview.I have a source data with employee details with their skillset.Based on my search I have to give fitment percentage.For example if I want a profile with java skill I will give fitment percentage as 100 for the matching profiles.How to calculate percentage for this case? Please help jagan !

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          Vineeth Pujari

          Please post some sample data, with expected output


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              Praveen T
              Aakash Bhagwan471855InformaticaDWSSIS
              Aayta262151.netData Network.Net Framework
              Abdul Bari Mohammed Talha457449JavaJava Enterprise - Front EndJava Enterprise - Back End
              Abhijeet Uddhav359410DWQlikview-
              Abhijit Prabhakar463855PythonMainframe TestingMobile Application Testing
              Abhinay444434JavaJava Enterprise - Front EndEJP
              Abhishek452867JavaJava Enterprise - Front EndJava Enterprise - Back End
              Abhishek464076.netData Network.Net Framework
              Abhishek Vijay458739DWQlikviewQliksense
              Abily315650PythonMainframe TestingMobile Application Testing
              Abisha440587.netData Network.Net Framework


              This is the sample data.For now I want to display the below.


              471855Aakash Bhagwan100
              463855Abhijit Prabhakar100
              34066Rajkumar Soundararajan100
              359410Abhijeet Uddhav75


              I done this by using simple If else statement.

              i.e, If (primary_skills = java,50 )

                    if(subsill1 = 'java front end',25)

                    if(subsill1 = 'java back end',25)


              and I have to calculate the total fitment percentage.This is working fine but If the primary skills and secondary skills are included more I have to edit the script according to the requirement.Instead of editing that I want it to be automatically calculated.Instead of writing it in simple if else is there any other option to do this.