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    Section Access with different level access

    Evgueni Tourtchenko

      Hello everybody,

      I am looking for a solution for the following authorization problem.
      Hierarchy looks like:

      Regional Head 1 (RH1)
         Local Head 1 (LH2)
         Local Head 2 (LH2)
      Regional Head 2 (RH2)
         Local Head 3 (LH3)
         Local Head 4 (LH4)
      Regional Head 3 (RH3)
         Local Head 5 (LH5)
         Local Head 6 (LH6)

      RH1 must see its local head, that is, LH1 and LH2, and in addition, it must be able to see RH2 and RH3 as the total sum (without drilldown).

      Does anyone have an idea how this could be implemented with Section Access?

      Thank you!