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    Set variable

    Chanty 4u

      Hi all,

      i want to set an variable in  Qlik Nprinting 17.2.3


      like  FiscYear=Max(FiscalYear)


      so how can i put variable  as a filter?


      can anyone give some idea on this?




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          Avinash R

          Same as you do in the Qlikview ..check this

          How to Set a QlikView Variable to a Specific Value Using Filters


          you can directly set the variable in Qlikview use the same as a filter in the NPrinting

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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            NPrinting 17X does not support variable filters! Cheers



            Qlik NPrinting main features

            This table compares the main features of Qlik NPrinting 17 with Qlik NPrinting 16. Features that are not currently available will be available in future releases.

            Product CapabilityQlik NPrinting 16Qlik NPrinting 17
            Microsoft Office reporting


            Pixel perfect and web reportingYesYes
            Centralized distributionYesYes
            On-demand reportingYesYes
            Web based architectureYes
            Online subscription hubYes
            Multi-QVW ReportsYesYes
            Enterprise scalabilityYes
            Roles based securityYes
            Multi-developer environmentYes
            Recipient imports from ExcelYesYes
            Conditional ReportingYesYes
            Recipient Import WizardYes
            Dynamic Report NamingYesYes
            FTP SupportYes
            Cycling Reports (creates files for every value of dimensions)Yes
            HTML embedded reportsYes
            Cycled pages in multiple slidesYesYes
            Variable filterYes
            Bookmark filterYes
            Object filtersYesOnly with QlikView objects
            Linked FieldsYes
            Load templateYes


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                Chanty 4u

                thanks lech.


                but how can i overcome this? is there any work around?

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                    Avinash R

                    Add that as direct filter on the column with the set analysis or aggr function it should work

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                      Lech Miszkiewicz

                      Just like Avinash said do it in QlikView...


                      or ....

                      depending what you would like to use this variable for?


                      • If it is kind of toggle where you want to switch dynamically variable value i would create a data-island field with all variable values it needs to have and then change a variable calculation to read from this field.


                      • If this is a case where you always want to select max Year, regardless of any other selections - then maybe expression like this in variable would be handy:

                           =Max({1} FiscalYear)


                      For different use case we could build different scenario and solution.