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    Sending two o more reports to one user from an only report template in NPrinting 17.3

    Pablo Aurelio Gómez Dipré

      Hi everybody,

      This is a problem I'd been having since a while now. In Nprinting 17 I have create a report template that it suppose to fill up with info from differents Hotels in my database. Till this point everything perfect. I also a have a list of more than 300 users. My hotels are filters that I assigned to each user using the excel template import task, the problem start when I have the need from this only report template sending info of two or more hotels to a single user. I cant create two users with the same name nor the same email, I even have try assigning more than one hotel filters to a single user but that doesnt work either, so in a point of no return. I cant create different reports to this only user to accomplished this need cause I have hundreds of users that will mean creating hundreds of report. Does anyone knows a workaround to accomplished this?