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    NPrinting 17.3 Publish tasks

    xu qingyan

      Dear All,


      We’re supporting BMW to build up the QV reports and NPrinting distribution reports & tasks. However we encounter some product issues regarding NPrinting. Please check the description below:


      • Version info

      NPrinting version: NPrinting 17.3

      Qlikview Desktop version: QlikView for Windows Version 11.20.13405.0 SR15 64-bit Edition(x64)


      • Problem:

      When run Publish tasks with hundreds of recipients without level or Preview reports with Levels, the NPrinting sever would stop responding and we lost connection of the server until we restart the server.

      After we restart the server, the NPrinting requires license again.


      ·         Logs are as attached.

        • Re: NPrinting 17.3 Publish tasks
          Lech Miszkiewicz



          The vary basic thing i noticed straight away is that you are using "LOCAL" connection to file. Understanding how NPrinting is working is crucial here. so i need to take you trough scenario when you use local connection:

          1. nPrinting will use Local QV Client to open file
          2. QV app will be loaded to memory on that computer and QV.exe process will hold this memory
          3. nPrinting will start "clicking", making selection as a normal user would do (but a lot faster) in order to build reports for every user!!!
          4. QV.exe process will try to cache all results of those calculation and you will run out of the memory very quickly. If the QV application is big (milions of records) then this will happen very quickly.


          My suggestion is following:

          • make sure you split servers (QV on one box and NPrinting on another)
          • make sure you use qvp connection instead of local - then QVS would be reponsible for managing RAM load and you will not run out of the memory


          To investigate further we would need more information.


          • QlikView server details:
            • QV application (No of rows, columns)
            • No of CPU (Cores)
            • RAM
          • NPrinting Server (This should be a separate server than QlikView!
            • CPU (No of Cores)
            • RAM


          kind regards