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    Combine several excel sheet in only one

    Alexis cohenen


      I'm new on Qlik sense and I do not have a huge developper background let's say...


      I've a double issue while loading an excel file. The excel file contains 70 sheets named "ID1, ID2, ID3...". In each sheet, there are several information about the ID.


      1) I would like to create a column in each sheet with the ID number. (Same ID number for every rows in the sheet)

      2) I would like to combine all those sheets into only one.


      The expected result is to have all the sheet combined in one with a column that tell to which ID this rows is related. Hope it is clear.


      I assume that it is possible through the script but I've no idea on how to start...

      May some of you have any ideas ?


      Thanks a lot.