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    Attempted to update a published app which had an extension on to off it, extension is now saying the app you specified could not be found

    Russell Eassom

      Hi All,


      I have taken over a qlik server from some who had left the business before I arrived and they had built and mashup extension on ton top of a published app. I had to amend the app and a created a new one, removed the old one and published it but the extension is now saying the app you specified could not be found even though the new published app has exactly the same name as the app before.


      From looking at the log files it is just bring back an APP ID which doesn't match the new one. I looked at the extension it looks like the APP ID is created in section below, full extension attached. The Appname is defined in the config.js and is the same as the app whihc is published, can you help me get the APP ID to update in the script. Or as an interim solution how to hard code the new one in.

      Any help would be appreciated



      require.config( {

        baseUrl: qsBaseUrl

      } );


      require( ["js/qlik", "js/qsocks.bundle.js", "js/pageHandler.js"], function ( qlik, qsocks ) {


        window.rootApi = qlik;


        qsocks.Connect(qxconfig).then(function(global) {

        console.log('connected to global');


               console.log('got doclist');

                  for(i=0; i < doclist.length; i++){


        window.appUuid = doclist[i].qDocId;



         console.log('appUuid:' + window.appUuid);

             localStorage.setItem("syncSalesMgrRD", window.appUuid);

         window.location = homepage;