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    New KPI extension released for Qlik Sense - Climber KPI

    Karl Sjöstrand

      Introducing the Climber KPI extension for Qlik Sense



      The Climber KPI is fully responsive and works for all screen sizes. Features include background trends for both actual and target, navigation and tooltip on hover to show values. Colors are completely flexible but have good standard settings to allow quick and easy creation of nice looking KPIs.

      Climber KPI on Qlik Branch:


      Direct link to github:

      GitHub - ClimberAB/ClimberKPI: The Climber KPI is fully responsive and works for all screen sizes. Features include back…


      The large number of options for the layout including the possibility to use an image background allows a flexible layout. Finetuning of graphs, colors and even margins are possible in the extensive settings menu.





      Best regards

      Karl Fredberg Sjöstrand

      Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

      Climber AB, Stockholm


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